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Social Media Marketing

Get social: make your brand’s voice heard, engage with your customers and maintain an effective social presence with our social media marketing services.

Social media is no longer a luxury: it's what makes or breaks businesses. As digital marketing experts, we at RootSprout Media can help you devise a powerful Social Media Marketing strategy that connects you with the right audience and helps you engage with your customers.

To ensure your Social Media Marketing strategy works for your brand, we tailor our services to your brand’s identity, key business objectives, and target audience. Once we understand what makes your business tick, we will provide you with effective content planning and generation solutions, blogger outreach, video distribution and other services to increase your profitability.

Gain a competitive edge with our social media marketing services. Build your online presence and establish your brand’s credibility; connect with potential leads and loyal customers, and enjoy real-life results, including shares, comments, likes, and views across a number of platforms.

Brand Monitoring

Improve your brand’s reputation and public perception with our premium brand monitoring services.

Ad Management

Social media ads are on the rise but to reap the benefits, you need a trusted partner and an expert to do it right.

Account Setup

Not sure how to kick-start your social media presence? Let our professional team setup and manage your accounts on your behalf.

Custom Profile Optimization

Harness the power of social media with our profile optimization services that deliver an effective blend of quality content and aesthetics, and resonate with your brand and audience.


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